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Windshield Replacement

Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair provides on site windshield replacement services to everyone within the Alpharetta, and it’s surrounding areas. For your convenience, our mobile team will come to your location and perform the auto glass repair or auto glass replacement (if needed) right there and then. Call us today to get an instant free quote and book our service 404-458-9019
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Windshield replacement vs. repair.

Your windshield is designed to withstand high amounts of pressure from both outside and inside. It will protect you from incoming objects, but also keep you from flying out of a car in case an airbag doesn’t deploy properly or a seatbelt fails.

It is needless to say that a strong windshield is a crucial key to car safety and that it can literally save your life.

The problem, however, occurs when small, sharp objects hit the glass at high speed. Tiny things like gravel or hail are often the cause of glass cracking. “Minor” windshield damage can also occur during a car crash where you receive a blow to the side of your vehicle.

These cracks may seem small and insignificant, but such windshield will no longer act as a singular structure and is more likely to shatter in multiple chunks, potentially harming you in process. Due to this, we urge you to give us a call and schedule your service today 404-458-9019

In case your windshield is only chipped, and no cracks have appeared, we can repair it and save you some money while still providing you a safe driving experience. A chipped windshield may yet have cracks that are simply harder to see, but we won’t know that until we take a good look at it in person. If this is the case, we will always inform you about the unfortunate condition of your windshield and discuss with you all the available options.



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    Why we use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) glass:

    • OEM glass is made out of the highest quality materials and needs to have the excellent optical clarity
    • it contains ceramic paints and is assembled with a PVB layer to meet UV light transmission needs
    • it is designed by leading experts and ensures the best possible performance in dangerous situations
    • OEM glass always undergoes thorough inspection and analysis before it gets shipped out
    • it also gets tested in bending simulation and needs to provide superior solar protection
    • OEM glass is designed and certified to fit the exact measurements of your vehicle
    • call us today to get an instant free quote and book our service 404-458-9019
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    Our windshield replacement process

    Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair has a lot of experience with windshield replacement service. We use OEM glass and have streamlined our work in order to offer you the fastest, most reliable service in Alpharetta and surrounding areas. After you give us a call and get your free quote, our technician will drive to your location and follow these five steps:

    1. They will explain the whole process to you and answer any additional questions you may have
    2. The technician will then carefully take off the existing windshield, so no pieces fall into the defroster vents
    3. The new windshield will be put into place, and a new, top quality adhesive will be used to make the perfect seal
    4. Our technician will then vacuum any pieces of the glass that may be left in your vehicle
    5. In the end, they will tell you how much time you should give to the adhesive to harden properly, before using your car again
    Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair mobile service provides auto glass repair and replacement services to everyone within the Alpharetta, and it’s surrounding areas. Depending on your needs, one or several of our technicians will come to your location and perform auto glass replacement. Call us today to get an instant free quote and book our service 404-458-9019