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Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair provides mobile glass repair and replacement services at no additional cost to you. Give us a call today, and we will give you a free quote. What we say is what you pay, with no hidden fees, plus our mobile team will come to your address for free! 404-458-9019
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Car Side Window Repair vs. Replacement?

Side windows serve more than one purpose. They protect the driver and passengers from weather conditions and road debris but also offer structural support to the car’s door frame. Car structure depends on these windows and their ability to absorb force and keep the car structure together, in the case of an accident.

The trouble with side windows is that repairing them is often not an option. Front glass or windshield consists of two layers of glass bound together with a layer of plastic in between. This makes them harder to break, but also allows for technicians to repair one of the layers if the other is still intact. The damaged layer can be filled in with bonding properties, and once dry, it will become solid, relying on the layer underneath to keep it from caving in due to wind pressure. 404-458-9019

Unlike windshields, car side windows are, in most cases, made out of a single pane of tempered glass. While lighter and easier to make, side windows aren’t designed to withstand large amounts of force and usually break under low amounts of force. Sometimes the glass is only scratched on the surface, and such damage can be filled in, but if it is cracked the whole way through, the best option is simply to replace the whole window.



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    Our side window repair / replacement process

    We have a lot of experience with mobile windshield replacement, but in case yours truly doesn’t need to be exchanged, we will repair it for you. After you give us a call and get your free quote, our technician will get to your location and follow these 5 steps:

    1. They will explain the whole process to you and answer any additional questions you may have
    2. The technician will then carefully remove the door panel in order to access the side window glass
    3. If the glass in cracked in someplace the new glass will be put into place, otherwise the existing will be repaired
    4. If there are any pieces of broken glass in your vehicle, our technician will vacuum them for you
    5. In most cases, you can use your car right away, and our technician will notify you of that

    Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair offers competitive mobile auto glass replacement prices and responds quickly to your calls. Our mobile teams are equipped to fix glass at any given moment and have completed training to do so quickly.

    You don’t have to worry about hidden fees and unpleasant surprises. Our teams work on site at no additional cost to you. We offer auto glass repair services in Alpharetta, and it’s surrounding areas Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Give us a call and get your free quote right away 404-458-9019

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