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Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair provides windshield repair at home, work or any other location what is convenient to you. Give us a call, and our mobile auto glass repair and replacement team will drive to your location at no additional cost. Call us and tell us the model, make and year of your car, and we will give you a free 404-458-9019
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Back Glass repair vs. rear window replacement

Your rear windshield can withstand a lot of force and can usually be successfully repaired. This saves you both money and time and can prolong the life span of your back glass.

This sort of smaller damage is usually caused by objects like gravel or hail that can hit your windows at high speed. We highly suggest you check your front and back windshield after every storm and make sure that there is no microdamage present. Since it can be hard to spot these micro-cracks, we always recommend you to glide your nails over the surface of the glass as they are likely to get caught on the micro imperfections.

These cracks may seem small and insignificant, but they can lead to your back window blowing up at the most unfortunate times. Cracks in glass can also damage the defroster mechanism and lead to lowered clarity of your rear window, which can obviously be very dangerous. If you are looking for fast service, just give us a call and tell us when and where to come 404-458-9019



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    Things to consider when deciding between back glass repair and replacement

    – Chip or crack needs to be only a few inches long

    Longer cracks pose a greater danger. They significantly weaken the overall structure of your back windshield and can lead to it shuttering upon any kind of smaller impact.

    – Many chips, even if small posses a treat

    Chips weaken the specific area they are in, thus making the whole glass surface vulnerable to pressure. Very chipped windshields are likely to collapse and doo poor job of protecting you and your loved ones.

    defroster system in a back window

    – If the damage is in front of a sensor or a camera, windshield replacement is needed

    Newer car models often have some sort of sensor or a camera in the back. When we repair your glass, we fill in the gaps with a special glue that hardens to a semi-transparent finish. This can be a big obstacle for car sensors and cameras as it obscures their line of communication.

    – Defroster system needs to be intact

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. If the system is compromised, it can only bring you more trouble. We highly recommend you to replace damaged back windshields even in summer as you are likely to forget about the damage by the time fall comes around. We’ve always received an increasing number of calls during the first rainy days due to people rediscovering damaged glass

    Alpharetta Auto Glass Repair offers mobile window repair and replacement, meaning we will come to the address that is convenient for you and perform our services there. Unsure of the amount of damage to your car? Just give us a call, and our technician will ask you a series of short questions to figure out precisely what you need.

    We serve Alpharetta, and it’s surrounding areas Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. Give us a call and get your free quote right away 404-458-9019

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